Postural Assessment

Our Postural Assessments provide a detailed description of your overall posture and any limitations your body has in regard to movement and the way it functions.

Your body is designed to move and function in a certain way, and the way you use your body can cause your posture to adapt and compensate. This may cause your muscles to become over or under used leading to imbalances to the way you move and function. Treatments are then designed around addressing any limitations or restrictions found which can enable your body to move more freely and provide relief for any of your aches, pains and stiffness.

Our postural assessment can be provided for the following

Increased Sports Performance

Postural assessments can help highlight were small changes in your movement could lead to significant improvement in your athletic performance.

Prevent Further Injuries

Pinpoint areas of excessive strain, compression and irritation of soft tissue and joints. This helps prevent injury.

Relieve Aches, Pains & Stiffness

Aches, pains and tensions may start to build up to compensate or as response to the way you use your body when at work or being active.

Postural Assessment

What To Expect

Your first appointment will involve a discussion about why you are seeking a postural assessment, and what outcomes you are hoping to achieve through working with your practitioner, followed by a detailed physical assessment of your posture. The findings of the assessment will then be discussed with you, along with what the plan will involve moving forward, such as what to expect form treatment and how many may be needed. Please note that treatment will not be included in this appointment

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing suited for the gym or light activity. We know this isn’t always possible and can usually work around your needs. Please be aware you may be asked to move or remove some items of clothing so we can provide effective assessment. appointments can be made by calling our clinic directly or through our online booking service.

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Our Pricing:

  • Sports Massage:
    £50 (60 minutes)
    £41 (30 minutes)
  • All Other Services:
    £75 (Initial Consultation)
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