Sports massage

Our Sports massage works deep in the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue, whilst also flushing away the toxins that build up. It is an effective treatment to decrease muscle tension which can build up due to occupation and stress or decrease muscle fatigue and increase recovery after sport and exercise

Regular sports massages can help prevent the muscles becoming tied and fatigued whilst also helping to reduce the initial inflammation after activity or overuse. Improved blood circulation to targeted muscles allow for increased nutrients to be supplied to the muscles whilst encouraging waste products to be carried away. This enables your muscles to feel more relaxed and allow greater flexibility.

Our sports massage service is carried out by highly qualified therapists, who can also use other techniques such as acupuncture and mobilisations. They are also trained to recognise, assess and treat any injuries you may be presenting with

Sports Massage

What To Expect

Your first appointment will involve a discussion about any pains or discomfort, and what outcomes you are hoping to achieve through working with your practitioner. There will also with a medical screen to help fully understand your body and overall health. Treatment will also be included in this appointment but may be slightly shorter in the due to the screening. All further sports massage treatments after the first one do not require a medical screen or as much discussion

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing suited for the gym or light activity. We know this isn’t always possible and can usually work around your needs. Please be aware you may be asked to move or remove some items of clothing so we can provide effective treatment. appointments can be made by calling our clinic directly or through our online booking service.

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Our Pricing:

  • Sports Massage:
    £50 (60 minutes)
    £41 (30 minutes)
  • All Other Services:
    £75 (Initial Consultation)
    £49 (Follow-up Appointments)