“In 2009 I had a motorcycle accident on track. Lucky to escape without serious injury, or so I thought at the time. Three prolapsed discs and severe Ligament damage around my pelvis. I’ve had a limp ever since and have struggled walking for distances greater than 3 miles.

Having an active family life including a dog, it’s not been ideal. My work has also suffered as I’m a scaffolder. Not only that but I haven’t been able to ride a motorcycle without being in excruciating pain since the accident.

Tried many treatments over the years to get my life back on track. Numerous physio therapy, acupuncture and regular sports massages and even pain killers (until they burnt a hole in my stomach). Some of which have had very short term relief.

Scott got recommended to me via a friend of my wife. I thought what the hell! It’s got to be worth a go. Wow! Five treatments in and I’m back on track with my life. Walking the dog with my wife, instead of her doing it by herself. Motorcycle, oh yes! Even had a 120 mile round trip with my old mates. Even scaffolding is no longer a problem. I’ll continue to see Scott but in his words “only when needed”. As he said in our first meeting, he’s only there to make me better and nothing more. Thank you Scott for giving me my life back.”


“Scott has guided me to recovery from three major surgeries, helping me gain full range of motion along with achieving original strength prior to injury. His understanding, approach, and knowledge gives you the confidence to trust in his experience to help you achieve your physical goals.”

David Clarke

Nottingham Panthers / GB Forward

“Each trip to the physio was only a temporary fix, the pain would return and I felt like I was somehow failing or exaggerating the impact. Within a few sessions, Scott had stopped the headaches and explained what was actually happening with my body. I felt like I had control over my body again and felt heard and understood.”


“Consistent high quality treatment from all staff, very knowledgeable in helping speed up my rehab.”

Jake Barron

Sale FC Rugby

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